Technology Buzz Words

Critical Updates

Required by computers to keep your system secure and up-to-date

Windows Users

Mac users

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

Enacted in 1998 to update copyright law to encompass the growing use of computers and the Internet


Your TTU electronic identification; a single username and password allowing you to use email, access Raiderlink, enroll in computer training, download software, and many other campus technology services


One-to-one Internet connection used to share files; often involving the use of file-sharing programs; sharing copyrighted material is illegal


Your online campus connection; connects you to search engines, student administration information, Transportation & Parking Services, weather, and much more


Is a module in Raiderlink that allows you to save your files through the Internet to a network drive; accessible from any computer with Internet access
More information on RaiderDrive


Your Texas Tech e-mail; used for official university correspondence


computer program that can reproduce by changing other programs to include a copy of itself; can distribute itself through e-mail or by download
Symantec AntiVirus is available through eRaider.


Connection to the Internet using a wireless card; often seen in laptops and PDAs


Connecting your computer from outside campus

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